is my offering to YOU!!!

Based out of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, provides services for the South Surrey, White Rock and Lower Mainland area in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Thai Massage.

Sean O’Leary runs his Thai Yoga Massage practice out of Live Yoga in sunny White Rock, British Columbia.  

My Mission Statement:

The key reason I practice yoga is to find more intimacy and union between the physical, mental, spiritual, and universal.  To align with a life style that is intertwined in practice, community and sharing with other beings.  The practice of yoga continues to help my live everyday with a gratitude, contentment, and most importantly, a big smile.

I teach yoga to help people realize their physical, mental and spiritual potential. Society has shaped and influenced us in a way that disconnects us from our true identity. I want to help lift this veil, and assist my students in reconnecting with their vitality and inner wisdom – helping them discover and rejoice in their inner beauty.

I want to help people connect to their bodies physically, mentally and spiritually. I accomplish this by not only educating students on alignment, but also by instructing them in moving freely with the breath, having a mindful and dedicated practice, all the while keeping a joyful and playful attitude. I teach self-love and love for all. I insist that everything we need to heal is already inside of us. Employing prana and breath work to relieve chronic pain cycles, anxiety, depression and other emotional fears/issues, I always encourage honoring the present moment as an incredible gift.

My gifts as a teacher are my charisma, passion and love. I whole-heartedly share my knowledge with everyone I encounter. I praise the interconnectedness and intelligence of the universe (spanda) to heal our bodies, minds and spirits. We all have the innate ability to be our own best teachers. My mission as a yoga teacher is to serve as a guide for my students to unearth, discover and rejoice in their own deeply resonant and heart-felt abilities to self-love and self-heal.

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  1. You are one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever met. I love your philosophy, admire your technique and enjoy every class I go. Thanks buddy! You are doing a great job!! Anna.

  2. Thank you Sean for an amazing Thai Massage. I feel regenerated!!! It was a pleasure meeting you and discussing Belize. I look forward to my next session…

    Lynn R.

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