Home sweet home!


So If you didn’t already know I recently set out on an educational and spiritual journey.  I travelled to a Sivinanda yoga ashram just out of Nassau, Bahamas.  It was truly an inspiring place to be.  Daily chanting and meditation, 2 asana yoga classes, and a stunning undeveloped beach front location.  This was truly amazing as most of Bahamas has been destroyed by over development.   Spiritual teachers from around the world come fill the ashram with their knowledge and insight ever year.  I’ve been home for 1 day and I’m struggling with unpacking all of the teaching I’ve received let alone try to condense them into this paragraph.   The main purpose of my trip was to study with the renowned Kam Thye Chow in the area of thai yoga massage.  This was easily one of the best choices I’ve ever made.  Such a wonderful person, spirit, and teacher.  As scary as a career change is I feel I’m ready for that transition.

So keep your eye on seanuman.com!!  As I transition into a life of yoga and massage, the website will also transform.  I’ll attempt to unpack all of the teachings I have recieved, and add new insight and tools to help you nd everyone live a happier and more engaging life!


Much love

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi


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