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OM Shanti Shanti Shantihi

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  1. Hi Sean,
    I have tried various form of massages and still I don’t think I have found one that can give me the result that I was hoping for, giving relieve from stress on my shoulders and muscle pain on my left arm from my gym work out, I have just looked at your web site and your massage and I would like to book a session with you and see what you can do for me.
    Please let me know when you have the time for my appointment.
    Many thanks,

  2. Hey Sean I’m not supposed to have cabbage… What other veggies can I ferment? And do you clamp the lid down on the veggies the whole time? Someone told me it could explode…?

    • Yes if the lid is completely clamped there may be an explosion. But don’t expect flames and glass chards. It will mainly explode cabbage and jucies all over your kitchen. I leave the lids slightly open and press the ingredients down every few days to release gas bubbles.

      If you can’t eat cabbage don’t fret. Carrots, Turnips, Rutabaga, Beets, Onion, Garlic, Cucumbers (pickles) can all be fermented. Be playful and add a mix of veggies and include any spices you enjoy. I like using fennel seeds, caraway seeds, corriander seeds, and cumin seeds. I made a ferment from 3 bulbs of organic Fennel that was unreal . Same recipe substitute fennel instead of cabbage.

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