Here is my schedule for weekly public classes.  Come out and practice!



Live Yoga – White Rock, BC


Tuesday – 12pm Hatha

Tuesday – 6pm Hatha

Tuesday – 7:30pm Therapeutic Yoga

Wednesday – 9am Hatha

Thursday – 7:30pm Hatha

Hari Om Yoga Shala – Langley, BC


Saturday – 9am Yin/Yang

Saturday – 12pm The Roots



Checkout both studious as they are both amazing spaces full of wonderful teachers and students!



Private Classes

The transmission of yoga 1 on 1 is such an amazing experience.  With constant loving attention, therapeutic adjustments, and adaptable asana routines to meet your level. Private class are true ananda (bliss)

1 hour class – $70.00

1.5 hour class $105.00

2 hour class $140.00

Group Classes

In other words YOGA PARTY!!! practicing with a group of like minded individuals helps bring a great connection to everyone involved.

Prices are negotiable depending on number of students and frequency of classes.

Therapeutic Yoga

Good therapy must be developed to suit each unique individual. To accomplish this, each class will include an all-levels warm-up sequence and relaxation before slowing down to investigate the anatomy, alignment and experience of each asana (pose). To cultivate therapeutic results, classes will focus on the breath, encourage a slow pace, as well as gentle movements and stretches in order to remove imbalances and bring back intelligence to the muscles, postural awareness and physical body. Don’t expect to see plank poses or downward dogs, this is a class targeted for people unable to participate in general all-levels Hatha yoga classes. Each week will focus on a different problem area (e.g. shoulders, back, neck, hips).

Healthy Back Series

“Healing back pain is something you must learn to do yourself”

            The healthy back series is a therapeutic approach towards healing acute and chronic back pain.  This 5-week pre-registered series is suitable for all ages, levels and anyone who is frustrated with back pain.   Rather than a general yoga class, this is a slow-paced, safe environment to accommodate healing therapies through yoga for each individual.

By learning to find comfort in our bodies and release tension we will start to investigate the origin and cause of our pain.  By addressing our habits and misalignments we can bring more awareness to creating new movement patterns.

The Asana (yoga postures) will be a blend of gentle and restorative techniques.  Emphasis during classes will be on finding comfort in the body not performing intense or advanced yoga stretches.  The goal is that students can take home their own sequence of exercises to practice daily.

Click HERE for session running at Live Yoga in White Rock, BC

Also check the website for other pre-registered courses


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