Any yoga, done with proper alignment free from pain is good therapy.  I’m a true believer that the human body is intelligent enough to heal itself when properly aligned with good flow of prana (breath) .  We’re constantly pushing the limits of our bodies and lose the connection between our muscles, subtle body (energetic body), and mind.  Learning to listen to our inner wisdom and finding a comfortable place in our yoga practice lets healing transpire.

Rather than treating “patients” I treat everyone I encounter as a student.  Educating a person about their own body is key.   Learning to breathe, move, laugh, and truly find a happy comfort zone within the body.  An injury is an event (with a time and date), so I always tend to look past that seeing the healing process in full effect.

Every person (physically and mentally) is completely unique, so do expect a thorough evaluation, and a personalized session.

I’m big on working less allowing the body to heal rather than going deep or “stretching out” our pains.  So you’ll often here “Less is More!”

As I am a student of life, Continuing my education in anatomy, therapeutics, and bodywork is ongoing.

My rates:

1 hour    – $80

1.5 hour -$110

This will involve a brief consultation, but I will research any “condition” you may have to prepare.

Come and feel better!!!!!

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